I Help business owners who struggle with time management create more free time through communication and delegation, so that they can create a Freedom Based Lifestyle to participate in the activities they are passionate about.

You are ready to take your life and business to the next level! This is the program for you. You will get the opportunity to create a solid base to focus on the goals and achievements that you want. Whether it the best version of yourself, to grow your business, make more money, or just have more free time to do the fun things that you want to do with your family. Most business owners work hard at their business and their family comes second. Boativation is about merging both your passion and your family by tackling the issues that are holding you back from success, money & freetime.

You will be shown the tools and support to make it over the hurdles and go after life, rather than waiting for life to happen. You will be shown how to resolve the breakdown at the core rather than reacting to the outcomes.Individual coaching includes a once a week scheduled session, while getting support as needed for challenges that arise while changing your mindset. In addition you will receive the daily Get Boativated emails. You also get the opportunity to participate in the by-weekly group coaching session with like minded business owners seeking the same goals.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, tired of working 60 hours a week, seeking more freetime? You are not alone! This program jumps right into what is holding you back from hitting your goals. You will be coached right beside other like minded business owners and managers who are experiencing the same thing you are. The desire to enjoy life, more Freetime or just do things on your schedule. We will drill into Communication techniques that work with everyone you rely on, expressing your story to attract customers and powerful employees who will do the work for you, giving you more Freetime to do develop your next goal in life or take a well deserved vacation.

The Get Boativated course is a 6 week course meeting once a week as a group for three hours on zoom so you can participate where you are most comfortable. You will also receive a one hour individual coaching session per week to focus on your specific goals. Prior to the course we will create 2 goals that you want to come out of your course participation. You will also get to participate in our by-weekly group coaching “coffee with Capt Brian” while enrolled in the course.

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Keeping yourself Boativated is important to achieving your daily and weekly goals. It is easy to fall into ruts or routines and not even realize it. Boativation helps you get through the week by offering a short and to the point 3-5 minute video every morning, Monday through Friday, to give you that extra kick in getting your day started in the right direction. This is at no cost to you. You achieving your goals is our inspiration.

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Brian Corrion has a perennial attitude and lives life to the fullest. He has owned over eleven different businesses, in addition to being a landlord. When the economy took a dive in 2006-2010 he pretty much lost everything, 14 properties including his own home. He closed, liquidated or sold his businesses, and ran up $80,000 in credit card debt.

But all the while kept a positive life-goes-on attitude. When he hit bottom with $150 to his name and eight foreclosure notices in his mailbox, Brian knew he wanted to help other people avoid the same situation.

Brian was able to pull enough money together, and with the new found love of his life, Janice, they bought a boat to live on. They’ve created a life of working eight months out of the year, and navigating the Florida waterways the other four months of summer. Brian is currently a motivational speaker and coach helping business owners and young entrepreneurs take their business or life to the next level.

He is a standup comedian, but found he enjoys the comedy business as much as performing it. After booking comedy shows for communities and bar rooms, Brian and Janice purchased and now manage a 200-seat comedy club in Fort Myers Florida.

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Taking you from Dream to Reality

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