Testimonial 2

I would not have gotten off my ass and done what I was supposed to do without our conversations.

Michael H

I worked with Brian over the course of several months, as I was assessing different career options that had presented themselves to me.
Brian was extremely supportive, knowledgeable about all aspects of business, intently listened to my questions, concerns, thought processes and provided healthy discussion ideas to my decision making and certain hang ups I was experiencing.
In addition, he was transparent with his own thoughts regarding his businesses, how I could apply his knowledge to my situation and helped me navigate through uncharted waters without any judgement.

Jess M. , Entertainment Booking and Comedian

If you are looking for a career change or wanting to take your business to the next level, but are scared? How about simply improving your overall state of life? I have the person for you. He’s positive, smart, knows the right questions to ask, and is personable.
After having my first session with Brian, I had a whole new outlook on how to expand my marketing business that will potential take me nationwide. Brian help me through the blocks and fears I had about stepping out of my safezone and applying myself the minute I hung up the phone. If any of what I asked about above applies to you or someone you know, I’d reach out to Brian Corrion. You can get in touch with him at Boativation.net.

Scott G., Medical Marketing

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2. Coaching

You are ready to take your life and business to the next level! This is the program for you. You will get the opportunity to create a solid base to focus on the goals and achievements that you want.

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3. Daily Thruster

Keeping yourself Boativated is important to achieving your daily and weekly goals. It is easy to fall into ruts or routines and not even realize it. Boativation helps you get through the week by offering a short and to the point…

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5. Meet Captain Brian

Brian Corrion has a perennial attitude and lives life to the fullest. He has owned over eleven different businesses, in addition to being a landlord. When the economy took a dive in 2006-2010..

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